“What Should You Do When Someone You Trusted Turns Against You?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Bishop Andrew Bills


What Should You Do When Someone You Trusted Turns Against You?”

In this world filled with human depravity, no one is exempt from an attack rising from jealousy or envy.  While it may begin with a silent whisper in a corner, then move to a closed door meeting and result in a full blown confrontation, those that walk upright with God are marked for an attack against them.

Such was the case in the life of Moses in Numbers Chapter 12, but more importantly we are given a key principle on how we should handle these situations regardless if they occur in our home, place of business or even in our church.

Numbers 12: 1-2 NIV says, “Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite. ‘Has the LORD spoken only through Moses?’ they asked. ‘Hasn’t he also spoken through us?’ And the LORD heard this.”

Miriam, as the sister of Moses, was a prophetess and held high rank among the women of Israel.  As a young girl, she was the one who pushed baby Moses, in his sealed basket, down the Nile River until it was found by Pharaoh’s daughter.  She was the one who spoke up and recommended that Pharaoh’s daughter get a Nanny for the infant Moses and ran and got their very own mother.  Later, upon  the destruction of all the enemy at the Red Sea, she was the one that started singing and a great revival service broke out as Israel stood on the banks after God’s miraculous deliverance.

But on this occasion, jealousy began to flood her heart as envy began to stir her soul.  While all of the exact details are unrecorded in scripture, it’s clearly evident that Miriam began to resent the wife of Moses, who was a descendant of Ham.

Perhaps Miriam believed Moses was indulging her too much, allowing himself to be swayed by her relationship, persuaded by her suggestions, and be led by her foreign feminine ways.  All of which she believed were effecting both her and Aaron’s positions of authority and could diminish their reputations.

So, Miriam became the moving force or chief instigator in this attack against Moses, with Aaron allowing himself to be drawn into the opposition.

While they didn’t deny Moses’ prophetic leadership, they claimed equality with him as they began to dispute his judgment.   Miriam reminded Israel that she was a prophetess and that Aaron also received divine revelations from God, being the high priest.  In doing so, they glorified themselves as they tried to convince the people that Moses had no monopoly on God’s communication and leadership towards Israel.

But our Lord, who reigns on high is a discerner of human hearts and will always have the final say-so in every matter.  For as your read on throughout Chapter 12, it was solely recorded to let all readers know that “a person will always reap what they have sown.”   Even a God of grace is a God of judgment in the cases before Him.

Miriam was struck with leprosy and became “as white as snow.”  And the one she so vehemently spoke out against (Moses) had to intercede for her to be healed, cleansed, forgiven and restored.

How many pastors have returned from vacations only to discover that a once trusted minister on their staff has lured some members away?   How many diligent employees have been affected by another back-stabbing, butt-kissing, and position stealing employee?  How many people have faithfully performed in their role or assignment only to suffer loss because of another person’s underhanded,  manipulative, shady, corrupt and deceptive ways?

No matter how painful or hurtful these attacks may seem to be when they come, even if you suffer a loss, there’s no room for your personal retaliation or revenge.  Realize that your trusting Christ will always result in new doors or greater opportunities appearing. 

And even if you never personally witness God’s judgments on your attackers, they will answer to God and they will also reap what they’ve sown and may have to come back before you to repent  and ask for your prayers.



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