“What Is One Of The Greatest Promises Of God In The Bible?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

Gods protection 

What Is One Of The Greatest Promises Of God In The Bible?”

One of the most extraordinary events recorded in history took place as thousands of men, women and children, unaccustomed to dangerous travel, without any military protection, not use to disciplined order, carrying priceless treasures, walked a four month journey through the desert, filled with bandits, marauding tribes, plunderers and murderers, safely to their final home destination.

One of the main precious promises of God to us is that He’s with us throughout our wilderness journey down here on earth.   Over 550 times throughout the pages of scripture, God has made it to be known to His people that, I AM WITH THEE.”

A great example of this is found in Ezra 8:31 NASB which says, “Then we journeyed from the river Ahava on the twelfth of the first month to go to Jerusalem;  and the hand of our God was over us, and He delivered us from the hand of the enemy and the ambushes by the way.”

Under the leadership of Ezra the priest, the Jews were granted permission to leave Babylon and return back to Jerusalem.  The reached the first milestone of their journey in 9 days.  But the vast desert, filled with perilous dangers, yet lay before them.

Ezra knew this, and having refused a military escort from the king, he instead prepared them with fastings and prayer before God.  Armed only under the care and protection of God and His Word, they proceeded on their several hundred mile – four month journey through the desert infested with raiding hordes and thieves.

It’s vital to realize that Ezra later declared that the sole reason that their journey was prosperous was that “the hand of God was with them.”

Ezra had instilled faith back into the hearts of the returning Jews.  Their hearts again were only trusting in the power and mercy of God.  He alone was the sole source of their strength and deliverance as they once again had believed in God’s word.  As they took their daily journey, one step at a time, they were trusting God for His divine protection, guidance and deliverance as they proceeded.

Today, all believers are walking through their daily journey through this wilderness, which is still filled with enemies laying in wait, bold and open enemies of every kind.  

Temptations, adverse circumstances, negative situations, hard times, painful conditions, Satanic entrapment or ungodly plots and all other sorts of demonic activity are constantly attacking believers as we’re pressing onward to our final yet Eternal Home.

But as people of God, with our hearts given to Christ Jesus, armed with The Word of God, filled with The Holy Spirit and given over to prayer, we too MUST BELIEVE that “If God be for us, who can be against us.”

Therefore, no matter the threat or the appearance of any enemy, even if attacked, you will not be overwhelmed or defeated as long as you too keep God and your Eternal Destiny in full focus and view.

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