“What Does It Take To See Things More Clearly?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

guiding light 

What Does It Take To See Things More Clearly?”

Does it seem as if you are in a dark place or a dry season in your life?  Are you in need of a revelation from The Lord? Are you experiencing a moment of uncertainty on how to proceed from the place you are in?

God has something that He wants to reveal, but many cannot see or receive what He has for them because of their encounter, involvement and fellowship with people in darkness and the immersion into the things of this world.

Matthew 2:9 ESV says, “After listening to the king, they went on their way. And behold, the star that they had seen when it rose went before them until it came to rest over the place where the child was.”

The wise men had followed a special star from a distant land, but it had now ceased to be visible once they arrived to a place that was clouded by darkness.  Jerusalem was the metropolis of the nation, where the king kept his court.  So, in need of continual guidance, the wise men began to make inquiries.  Isn’t it strange that the king called on his biblical scholars to provide answers, but they showed no personal interests in finding and worshipping the new born king?

When they had heard the king, as he provided Bethlehem as the birth place of the infant Christ, he strictly charged them to search diligently and then return to him so he could come and pay respect to the new born prince, which they initially took in great sincerity.

Those in the world have their own agenda when it comes to Christ and spiritual truths.  While we are in this world, we are instructed not to be part of or consumed by the things of this world.  Believers are to impact and influence those in spiritual bondage to seek Christ and surrender to Him.

Not remaining baffled as they still remained eager and excited, they then proceeding onward and after their departure, what exceedingly great joy these wise men felt when they once again saw of the star.   For they had just endured a long night of temptation, demonic entrapment and satanic deception until they had departed the presence of the evil king and his cabinet of advisors.

We are clearly left with the implication that the star had disappeared in the interval and that you too will always see things and receive clearer direction when you come out from among those that love and walk in the spirit of darkness.

The reappearance of the star was a great confirmation of their faith from God to miraculously direct them to the very town pointed out in the Scriptures as the place of the birth of the Messiah. The star not only guided them to the city, but it did not leave them until it came and stood over the house where the young child was.

God will always guide, direct and bless those who are prepared and inclined to find and follow Christ. Even if for a time the light should be withdrawn, and we find ourselves in a dark place or season, it will again appear and direct us in the way of our Redeemer.

Just as our Heavenly Father brought these stewards from a far away country to bless the infant Jesus and supply the needs of Mary and Joseph, God knows how to touch, bless and direct your life as you step away from darkness and totally look to Him.



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