“What Does It Take For You To Really See God?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills


 “What Does It Take For You To Really See God?”

The dictionary defines the word “obstruction” as a barrier, impediment, object or even a person, that prevents, blocks or acts as a determent against you.  It also may be defined as a weight, burden, disadvantage or handicap that you permit to hinder you.

Such was the case, as we catch a glimpse of Isaiah’s call to ministry during a very tough historical time.

Isaiah 6:1 NIV says, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple.”

The death of King Uzziah, who had been on the throne for fifty two years, marked the end of an era.  Though there was outward material prosperity, there was much corruption.  Urgent changes were needed to be made involving the arising international crisis with the invading Assyrian Empire, the corrupt political internal leadership of Judah, along with the wicked behavior of the people.

The lack of faithfulness and sin in the latter part of King Uzziah reign, assumed great significance in the heart of Isaiah. 

For after many years of loyal service before the Lord, pride entered the heart of King Uzziah, so upon his attempt to profane the office of the priests and burn incense in the Temple, he was immediately stricken with leprosy, upon which he was shut up in a separate house of seclusion, where he died.

Jerusalem had also just experienced an earthquake, which had so terrified them, that it left on his mind a vague sense of impending judgment.  So, upon Uzziah’s death, Isaiah began to “see the Lord” and God spoke and revealed Himself.

Often, there are “things” that are obstructions, blocking your view of the Lord.  They can be either positive or negative things that can be used as obstructions.

Some of the negative obstructions can be losses, disappointments, painful experiences, troubling times, financial hardships, family divisions, illness or any other type of damnable situations that are being used to by the enemy to prevent you from seeing The Lord.

Some of the earthly positive obstructions can be “good living or a care-free life,” the overwhelming demands or cares of your business or career, or your ever consuming efforts to gain wealth or other materialistic things.

Anything can become or be used as an “obstruction” by the enemy, to keep you from viewing, seeing, submitting, surrendering or committing yourself to Christ and being led by The Holy Spirit of God.

In the case of Isaiah, it was when the earthly king was dead that the Living, Heavenly King was revealed.  God appeared to the prophet in human form, and as a King, seated on a throne, raised over the Ark of the Covenant, surrounded by ministering angels, who were singing His praise as His Divine glory filled the whole Temple.

This amazing vision of God overwhelmed the Isaiah with a sense of his own depravity, bringing him to the place of complete surrender and submission.

Sometimes, as we go through life, God allows “things” to be removed or emptied from our lives that we may be filled with Himself.  Losses may come and go, but we shall be none the poorer as our eyes become fixed on Him.  He will more than fill any void or gap with His own glorious presence as we too behold Him.

Then we also shall see things more clearly, be strengthened to endure and walk in complete obedience to Him and His will.


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