Special Offer From Pastor Andrew Bills

Special Offer From Pastor Andrew Bills
Up From The Ashes
  “Your Guide To Walking In The Favor Of God & Victorious Christian Living”
This 120 page book is a 40 day inspirational devotional for inner healing, recovery, restoration, deliverance, strength and providing answers that have been tried by fire.
From a homeless, jobless, backslidden, convicted & divorced position, God forgave, restored and placed His hand upon his life and took him from living on the streets to having a thriving worldwide ministry.

Now Pastor Andrew Bills presents this inspiring book where you’ll learn that “the hardest spots in life can also become the place of new revelation and a new beginning for you.”


You too will be healed, delivered, restored, inspired and blessed from the spiritual principles within this book.


Andrew Bills, along with his wife Ann Marie, is the Pastor of Victory Fellowship Church in Orange, California and is the Founder, President and Bible Teacher of “The Victory Report Hour” Global Outreach Internet, Radio & TV Ministry.


While Andrew Bills is a loving husband, father and grandfather, he has preached in various churches including Baptists, Pentecostal, Charismatic Catholic and Non-Denominational Faith Ministries despite any minor doctrinal differences as he reaches out and touches lives with the very special message of “Victory Thru Calvary.”

He’s been in ministry for over 30 years and has served in many different capacities including Pastor, Lecturer, Advisor, Broadcaster, Author, Evangelist and in various managerial positions in the logistics industry. As a preacher of Jesus Christ and as a teacher to the Body of Christ, he’s influencing many as he continues to preach salvation to the lost, build faith, bring hope, joy, deliverance and inspiration to many hungry souls.

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