Special Announcement – “EVIL WILL NOT WIN!”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

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My brothers and my sisters, once again innocent people have been attacked, and this time in Boston Massachusetts. But, despite all the suffering, hurt, pain and grief that we’re now experiencing from this cowardly act, EVIL WILL NOT WIN!

Since this massacre upon innocent runners, bystanders and citizens and their families, a great rally cry has again sounded. A great sense of decency is bringing people together, people who have laid down their differences and forgot about divisions, to become one with the hurting and are making it known that EVIL WILL NOT WIN.

Let’s pray for those injured and suffering, let’s pray for the paramedics, doctors and all the members of the medical staffs, let’s pray for all the agencies and churches that are working to bring relief and care to those hurting and crying, and then let’s pray for our law enforcement teams that through their dedicated investigations will find and bring to justice those responsible for this senseless, cowardly and demonic act.

Romans 12:21 says “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

We must not allow ourselves to become vanquished, subdued, or defeated by the actions of any evil or soul-less individual or groups. As we will continue to stand against all evil activity and opposition, we must not step down to the level of any ungodly circumstance, abandon our principles of faith, nullify our prayers or forget about God’s future judgment and His eternal plans.

Faith alone in God will once again help us to advance in our world against these elements of corruption. Since the gospel has been preached, people over the past centuries have maintained the Christian principle of learning how to overcome evil with good.

So with the aid of His Holy Spirit, we will continue to work to restrain and prevent evil from claiming supremacy over our lives, we must continue to show proof that His love and grace does yet abide today, that the evils in this world will not overcome us and that we will stand together, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.




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