AM/FM Radio Stations

AM/FM Radio Stations

 me alone

    The Victory Report Hour is the weekly Bible teaching ministry of Pastor Andrew Bills. He was called to preach the uncensored & uncompromising Word of God to unbelievers and to teach that all believers can be filled with and led by The Holy Spirit and live a life that pleases God.  These messages of VICTORY are for all to learn how to walk in the love, wisdom, strength and authority that Jesus Christ has given us through FAITH and also testify to the awesome love, mercy, forgiveness, deliverance, grace and power of our God.


 15 min

Riverside/San Bernardino, CA & surrounding areas    

Tuesdays at 4:15pm  –  KPRO 1570 AM 

You can hear us streaming over the internet

or download a mobile phone app at:



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