“I Though You Said You Were Going To Serve Me?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills


I Though You Said You Were Going To Serve Me?”

These were the loving words that The Holy Spirit spoke to a dear lady that I was ministering to a few days ago.  The Lord was reminding her of His love towards her as she was wrestling with her commitment and full surrender.

Have you made a vow or commitment to The Lord and you’re failing to keep it?  So often people “flirt” around with different aspects of sin or the world until their  passion for Christ begins to diminish and grow cold.

While we all struggle in dealing with the cares of the world, the love of the flesh is often the cause of many turning back from Biblical truths and the fellowship of Jesus Christ.

In II Timothy 4:10, The Apostle Paul referring to one of his co-workers said, “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica…”

Demas, who was a Gentile convert and became a close laborer with the apostle, could no longer bear the suffering that was going on with preaching the gospel with Paul.  This once faithful companion of Paul, who had been with him during the first imprisonment of the Apostle at Rome, now began to allow his heart to turn away.

The Holy Spirit of God will always commune with your heart as a believer begins to gradually move in the wrong direction.  Nevertheless, Demas still allowed his heart to turn away and deserted from the ministry he had been called to do. 

He lacked the courage to stand, then permitted himself to succumb to the enticement or temptation of the things that he missed and chose to abdicate his faith and abandon the work.

This was not a decision he made at the spur of a moment.  Despite the grace of God and the communion of The Holy Spirit, a person gradually allows the devil to speak to their mind, challenge their thinking, entertain their conscious and then shipwreck their faith in God.

Demas was not some sort of monster, but like so many, he failed to resist the constant attractions or seductions and returned to the sins of the past.  Whether it was lust of the flesh, a desired wealth, or the comfort away from the persecutions of ministry, he turned his back His Savior and the friendship, honor and duty of serving God with the Apostle Paul.

Don’t become a “Demas” and run away.  When we are weak, know that He is strong and we can be led and made to stand in the power of His might.  Know that there’s nothing that you cannot overcome in this world through Christ Jesus.

Once you’ve accepted Christ and have become a “partaker of His Divine nature by being filled with His Spirit,” YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

Run to Him, not away from Him.  Draw closer to Him and listen to His voice.  Allow The Holy Spirit to direct your path and experience the wonderful joy of walking with Jesus Christ.


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