“How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?”

Today’s Daily Devotion from Pastor Andrew Bills


“How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?”
Unbelief is against God’s only divine cure or remedy for sin. For everyone born is automatically on the road to hell because we are all under the sentence of death, passed on from Adam, and thereby were born in sin and already condemned.
Yet Christ’s warning against this condemnation and the impending danger of hell was given and still remains in one of His greatest messages of love. It was never meant to be used as a scare tactic, but rather as God’s divine invitation to come unto Him through His Son. (Read John 3: 16-19)
But John 3:18 NIV records these words directly spoken from the lips of Jesus, “Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.”
God does not send anyone to hell, a person’s rejection of Jesus Christ does!  Even though it’s not God’s will that any should be lost, the Lord reveals that there is a certain condemnation that will result in the wrath of God being experienced, but it come from the result of one’s own heart that this condemnation will come.
How great will be the misery of the unbelievers!!! If a lost sinner does not believe in the name of the only begotten Son of God, whom God sent to be the Savior to deliver him from wrath to come; and there is no other name but His whereby he can be saved; how awful will be that damnation!
Jesus Christ suffered excruciating shame and brutality as they nailed Him to the cross. He so loves us that He alone paid the ultimate price and experienced hell that we might not go there ourselves.
Yet many take a whimsical attitude or have a twisted view or opinion about this when it should be taken extremely serious. Down throughout the history of man, God has always demonstrated His goodness, mercy and compassion. But time and time again, the heart of our Creator and Lord has been broken as man turned away from walking in His fellowship, which always resulted in disaster or destruction.
While lost sinners still remain under the sentence of this condemnation passed placed upon Adam from The Lord, he is guilty before God and this curse is still upon his head. The only way his immediate life and eternal destiny can be changed and made secure is through surrendering, submitting and committing oneself to Jesus Christ.

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