Daily Devotional – “What Impact Does Going To Heaven Make In Your Life?”


A preacher once asked his congregation, “How many of you are ready to go to Heaven?” Everyone raised their hands up with the exception of one young boy. The preacher then asked that young boy, “Son, don’t you want to go to Heaven when you die?” The boy then replied, “Yes, but it sounded as if you were loading up a bus to leave right now!”

So many people are so busy making earthly plans or trying to be productive in this world that they tend to neglect or even deny the real importance of what’s really at stake here in life.

In Matthew 7:21 Jesus said, “”Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

No person, by merely acknowledging His authority, believing in His Divinity, professing faith in the perfection of His righteousness, and infinite merit of His atonement, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven or shall have any part with God in glory; but he who doeth the will of my Father shall enter in.

Therefore, you’ll have 3 main surprises when you get to Heaven:

First, you’ll look around for others that you though would be there but find out that they didn’t make it in. They are the ones that put on a good show in the churches, acting and talking like they were saved but their hearts were far from God. While some preached, prophesied or served in the church and even performed some good works, they harbored secret sins, lived in disobedience and walked in darkness, while trying to just remain close enough to keep up a good appearance.

They made a good show when they gave their offerings or prayed their prayers but it was to be seen by man and not from a grateful or pure heart before Christ. And a mere profession, or just by working in the church, or the giving of offerings just won’t allow you admittance into his eternal kingdom.

Others were more interested in “Keeping up with The Joneses instead of setting their affection on things above.” And only the pure in heart in Christ shall see God.

The second surprise will be that you’ll look around and find many others there that you though would never make it in. So often man looks on the outward appearance and casts judgments on others. People judge others that are in a different denominational persuasion or who don’t do things exactly in the same way that they believe things should be done.

Many are judged based upon their differences of opinions, or their cultural, racial or gender background, social beliefs, family values or even voting differences.  But God is always looking at the heart of a person and the content of his or her character and not on any outer appearances.

Many Pentecostals will be amazed to find many Baptists that will be there. Many Presbyterians will be amazed to find many Catholics there. And many of the Faith Movement will be utterly surprised to find many Methodists there. Whosoever has called upon the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and shall believe in their heart shall be saved, so the name on your church sign just won’t matter.

But the third or greatest surprise will be that YOU yourself made it in. Despite all of your struggles against temptation and sin, and sometimes even with mistakes or failures, you realized that it was “By Grace you were saved through faith” in Jesus Christ. Through His mercy, you were forgiven as you truly sought His face and repented.   And though you never reached the point of

“perfection,” you continued to read His Word and please The Lord.

My friends, what will make Heaven so great won’t be that the streets are made of gold or the beautiful gates of peril or even the reunion of all the saints: IT WILL BE BECAUSE OF CHRIST IS THERE AND THAT WE’LL BE FOREVER WITH HIM. In a place where we’ll never grow old, suffer anymore sickness or sorrow, and we’ll experience great joy and real peace for all eternity.

Does this cause excitement in your heart?




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