Daily Devotional – “Did You Know that God Wants You To Face Your Circumstances In His Miracle Working Power?”


God wants you to learn how to face all of your circumstances in the strength and power of His Word and Holy Spirit. God is calling you to swim and not sink or drown. He’s calling you to stand and climb, not to stumble and fall. God is maturing a people who will do just that in the face of all adversity: to stand on His Word, stand for Him, and face every trial, test or crisis victoriously in The Name of Jesus and in The Power of The Holy Ghost.

In the 27th chapter of the Book of Acts, The Apostle Paul was a prisoner on board a ship which was sailing for Rome. Just prior to leaving the harbor, he warned the captain that he sensed in his spirit that their voyage would not only be damaging to the ship but very dangerous and even life threatening to all those on board.

But Paul’s words were not believed! And the orders were given and the captain set sail for the open seas. Shortly thereafter, there arose a very severe typhoon or hurricane, which lasted several days. During this time they experienced one of the most heart wrenching ordeals, the likes of which the 276 soldiers, crew members and prisoners had never before experienced.

Their ship was being threatened, in danger of being torn apart and sinking. For many days they saw neither the sun nor the moon. So to lighten the ship, they began to cast all their tackle and cargo overboard. Terror and fear struck most of their hearts and eventually there was talk among the soldiers of mutiny and of killing all of the prisoners and no doubt suicide may have even entered into some of their minds. But during the very midst of all their struggles, Paul spoke out strongly and boldly in faith.

Acts 27:22 records the words of The Apostle Paul. “Be encouraged, for there shall be NO LOSS of any man’s life among you, only of the ship.”

What boldness, what authority, what confidence! Or what nerve! Was he crazy or was he operating under the power and the Grace of God? How or with what source could he back up his bold statement?

Then in verses 23-24 Paul declared his source, that he had received a vision of an angel of The Lord which had appeared unto him saying, “Fear not Paul, thou must be brought before Caesar and, lo God has given thee ALL THEM that sail with thee.”

Then Paul firmly, boldly and publicly declared, “I BELIEVE GOD that it shall be even as it was told unto me.” But would he be believed? Would his revelation from God be trusted by the others? How reliable was this in their minds?  Whose Report Would You Have Believed?

Can’t you see the devil at work saying, “Well, why doesn’t God just stop the storm? Look things haven’t changed! If God really loved you or cared, He wouldn’t let you be going through all of this. You’re never going to make it out of this! You’re getting what you deserve. You’re all going to die! There’s no way out of this hopeless situation!”

These are just a few of the demonic suggestions that Satan implants into the human mind whenever faith is trying to take a stand and express itself in God.

Fear, doubt and unbelief are the 3 mostly used “tools of distraction” that he uses to affect your thinking and control your actions as he tempts you into depending on your senses to shut out all the areas of faith.

Then in verse 31, Paul observed that the soldiers were planning to jump overboard, so he said to the captain, “Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved!”

Paul stood firmly and boldly upon the revelation and the Word from God. He chose to believe in the power and the grace of the invisible God rather than the events of the storm. And they finally believed and obeyed his words.

NOW PLEASE LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY! The typhoon or hurricane was still very real. The waves of the raging sea which were still coming into the ship were still very real. The food shortage was still very real. The earlier talk of mutiny and murder had been very real. The threat of the ship sinking with everybody on board and drowning in the sea was still very real. Not being able to distinguish night from day for over 14 days was very, very real. The quicksand and the rocks were still a very real threat. The violent blowing wind and the strong rains had not ceased. In other words, the complete physical or outer circumstances DID NOT CHANGE!

But something different was now taking place. They were all depending on, trusting in and believing the words spoken by The Apostle Paul from God. And through faith, they were emerging from the very face of destruction and was about to learn one of the most important lessons in life, THAT THE STORMS OF LIFE DO NOT MOVE THE HAND OF GOD…. “ONLY FAITH DOES!”

God, through His Word, by His Spirit, out of His Grace and by His Direction was “now making the difference.”   For God, who is More Real, Jesus Christ, who is More Real, and The Holy Spirit, who is More Real than the crisis entered into Paul’s circumstances and began to orchestrate everything simply because Paul chose to stand and focus on God’s Word regardless of what he was facing.

One man’s faith in God brought deliverance to everyone on board. One man’s faith led to all 276 souls being saved from destruction and death. All because they chose to listen and obey the instructions and stayed on board until Paul gave the signal to leave the sinking ship.

After the ship was finally driven upon the rocks of a nearby island, they all cast themselves overboard following the instructions of The Apostle Paul, WHO WAS STILL A PRISONER.   As they cast themselves into the sea, they even assisted one another, crew members, soldiers and prisoners. They all safely made it to the shore. And just as God’s Word had earlier been revealed and spoken to Paul, “Not one soul was lost!”

NOW WHAT SHOULD THIS MEAN TO YOU TODAY? It means that your answers to prayer, your deliverance, your healing, your blessings, or your victories are NOT based upon the appearance of the physical or the natural circumstances or on them being immediately changed!  Therefore, STAY ON BOARD IN FAITH!

Does God Always Keep His Word? “YES HE DOES!” Faith in Christ will always make the difference in our lives. God may not always promise you “a calm passage,” but He Does Always Promise You “A Safe Landing.”

When your marriage experiences bumps in the road, STAY ON BOARD! When your financial picture doesn’t look so good, STAY ON BOARD! When your body is experiencing sickness and pain, STAY ONBOARD! When you’re facing opposition and you’re not sure just what to do, STAY ON BOARD!   Stand on God’s Word in faith. Stand in faith looking to Jesus Christ and trust in Him.

Now, I can’t help but wonder what impact this entire event made upon the remaining years of the lives of the rest of all those men. But, I do believe that after this they all had a totally different concept and appreciation of God. Stop and think what can be done when you stand up and step forward trusting The Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember that as you stand facing your challenges and struggles, you too will see that GOD’S MORE REAL AND MUCH GREATER THAN ANYTHING YOU COULD EVER EXPERIEINCE. Everything’s subject to the Word of God and the moving of The Holy Spirit of God.

AGAIN, LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY! Often God’s Divine Intervention is not one singular movement or act. IT’S AN UNFOLDING!   It’s a revealing of one piece of the puzzle at a time. And it’s always to be continued, with the next puzzle piece or the unfolding of the next page of the map yet to be revealed. BUT YOU MUST STAY IN FAITH TO GET THERE!

God’s Divine Intervention! How amazing, how loving, how powerful, how glorious and how wonderful Jesus Christ really is to us that believe on Him.

Spiritual revelations and supernatural manifestations from God come into our daily lives to help us as we’re dealing with all the different events we’re facing. Certain challenges and situations that cannot be successfully dealt with or overcome by any normal means or methods CAN BE HANDLED BY THE LORD.

God Always Responds To Faith In The Heart Of A Believer…




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