Daily Devotional – “Did You Know That God Can Use What You’ve Experienced To Bless Others?”

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It has been said that “You don’t drown by falling into the water, you drown by staying there.”   Learning to trust Jesus Christ to bring something good out of a painful situation or an unexpected tragedy means looking beyond what we can see as you surrender to God.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is in the business of turning you mess into a wonderful message, your liability somehow into an asset and your painful experience into a insightful blessing to encourage the lives of countless others. For up from the ashes, God always brings forth those soldiers or warriors that cling to His Word as their only hope for survival as they go through an emotional ordeal or anguish during their painful circumstance.

“No matter what you’re going through, Jesus Has Already Worked It Out For You,” are the faithful words we share at the conclusion of our daily broadcasts.   We believe and teach that there’s nothing Greater Than God that you can experience or that God can’t use for good, if you place it into His hands.

Such was the case in 2010 as my wife, Ann Marie was diagnosed with a very rare tumor lodged in her head that paralyzed her left vocal cord, affected the hearing in her left ear, stopped her ability to sing and left her only with a speaking voice at the level of a whisper.

God had blessed her with a beautiful singing voice, one of which many had told her that she even sang like an angel, only now to face this dilemma after having used her beautiful gift for over 36 years.

Throughout this ordeal, Ann Marie experienced great frustration and sadness until she realized that she would not allow her voice to define her. And as she opened her Bible, she received great inspiration from John 1:4 NIV which says “And light shinned in the darkness, but darkness could not overcome it.”

What a simple and yet profound revelation was this to her. That Light could not be overcome by darkness. For that darkness represented the tumor in her head, the sadness of losing her voice, inner anguish and the value of who she was and what she thought she had to share.

She had read that portion of scripture many, many times before but this time it was different as The Holy Spirit of God gave her a new revelation and understanding from God’s Word.

The laser surgery went well but the surgeon told me not to get my hopes up for the restoration of her voice back. I told him, “Doctor, you’re a good physician but I know the Great Physician and we’re standing on His Word for her full recovery.”

It’s now approaching the 3rd anniversary of her surgery. After only being able to talk above a whisper for several months, her full speaking ability has returned. You can faithfully hear Ann Marie speaking and teaching over the internet radio broadcasts, sitting right by my side sharing out of her heart.   Her singing capability, which is about 80 percent restored, is still briefly limited and keeping her from hitting the high beautiful notes but is still a work in progress as we’re looking to Christ.

But her greatest blessing is in what Christ has done inside of her. She’s received a greater revelation of His Love and Grace and that her true calling was to serve Christ through encouraging others in His Word. And through this entire ordeal, she’s now touching more lives for Christ.

My friends, only God can make sense out of nonsense as you trust Him. There’s nothing too hard for Him to do. He specializes in the most difficult and impossible situations.

His only question to you is: “Will you trust Me even if you don’t understand or can’t see what I’m trying to do in your life?”




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