“Are You Allowing The Vultures To Steal Your Blessing?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills


Are You Allowing The Vultures To Steal Your Blessing?”

In Genesis chapter 15, God was in the process of confirming and explaining His covenant to Abraham, when The Lord directed Abraham to prepare a special animal sacrifice that would seal their covenant.

Abraham obeyed, but as soon as he began arranging the carcasses in a certain order, certain birds of prey began to trouble him.

Genesis 15:11 NLT, says that “Some vultures swooped down to eat the carcasses, but Abram chased them away.”

Abraham stood by his sacrifice, driving off those peace stealing intruders, as he waited for the manifestation of God.  Those pesky creatures were fully intent on polluting and devouring the sacrifice that was being consecrated to God, which would have resulted in Abraham’s blessing being effected.   Abraham knew what was at stake, so he guarded and protected his act of devotion.

The decent of these swooping birds of prey represent or symbolizes our adversary, Satan, who just like in this scene with Abraham, dispatches intruders for the purpose of interrupting your worship, invading your prayerful words, disturbing your devotions and molesting your peace in order to destroy your act of worshipping Christ.

Satan is afraid of your sacrifices and acts of worship.  He will constantly invade your time of prayer with wandering, worldly, annoying or wicked thoughts.  He’ll try to distract you away from fellowshipping with Christ by reminding you of the cares of the world, your financial bills, the problems you’re experiencing, your difficulties at church, school and even in your home.   Satan will even send people in your midst for the sheer purpose of leading you astray, influencing your thinking and destroying your life.

In an attempt to move you away from the brink of receiving your breakthrough or blessing from God, he’ll try to fill your mind with thoughts of unbelief, criticism, weakness, inability or doubt. But your victory, blessing and success is in exactly doing what Abraham did centuries ago.   He drove them away!

You can advert destruction, resist temptation and overcome the works of the enemy by standing on God’s word and driving his suggestive and destructive thoughts away.  Like pesky flies troubling your eating at a picnic, shoe them away.  Send them back to him!

Isn’t that what Jesus Christ himself did when Satan tried to tempt him after fasting for 40 days?  Jesus overcame the devil by The Word of God.  He resisted and drove him away. 

You must learn to ward off these demonic suggestions and attacks.  Put on the whole armor of God as stated in Ephesians chapter 6. 

Just like Abraham, the responsibility is personal yours.  You can do it with the help of The Holy Spirit by standing and speaking God’s word whenever you’re attacked or challenged.

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