A New Exciting Book From Pastor Andrew Bills Is Now Available:

A New Exciting Book From Pastor Andrew Bills Is Now Available:

Will You Trust Me  

Even If You Don’t
Understand Or
Can’t See 

  What I’m Doing?”


“Discover How To Overcome
Negative Emotions &
Difficult Circumstances
Through faith In God” 

Do you know someone struggling with the call of God or wrestling with the will of God in their life?  In this prophetic & insightful book Pastor Bills reveals several important keys on how to listen to God, hindrances to doing God’s will, increasing your faith, crushing uncertainty, recovering lost dreams and how to overcome negative emotions and difficult circumstances through faith in Christ.


Pastor Bills wants to remind you that if you’re going to put your confidence and faith in God, often you’ll be led in ways that may seem peculiar or drastically different from the normal way of doing things.


What will you do if God’s will clashes with your physical desires, conflicts with your natural way of thinking, defies your human logic or even challenges your existing faith?


This is a series of messages that “NO BELIEVER SHOULD BE WITHOUT!”


This 134 page book will provide answers that have been tried by fire, where you’ll additionally discover that “the hardest spots in life can also become the place of new revelation and a new beginning for you.”

You will be inspired and blessed from the  

spiritual principles within this book.

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