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“Are You Ignoring Your Warning Signs?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills




Are You Ignoring Your Warning Signs?”


Jim is driving his car but is failing to listen to his engine because he’s only concerned about his destination and how fast he can get there.


Suddenly, the car jerks, the lights on the dash all come on, there’s a loud rattle under the car, smoke begins to steam from the hood as the car breaks down and he’s forced to pull over to the side of the road and be left stranded. He ignored the noise in his engine, and also that the tires were going bald, losing air and that his tank was particularly empty. But, things didn’t have to end up this like this.


Now, in the very same way, we are often like Jim, losing our focus, misplacing our priorities, deceiving ourselves, lowering our standards, not willing to admit when something is going wrong and not willing to make changes until its too late.


The attitude, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is NOT good common sense but a distraction against routine examinations or constant care.  That mentality is also the enemy of spiritual wisdom and innovation, especially when there’s a need for change, growth and advancement.


The Apostle Paul said, in 2nd Corinthians 13:5 NIV, “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves.  Don’t you realize that Christ Jesus is in you–unless, of course, you fail the test?


Are you really walking by faith and trusting The Lord Jesus Christ?  Are you living a life that’s pleasing to God?  Are you walking in His Will and allowing Him to direct your actions through His Holy Spirit as you stand on His Word?  Are you trusting Christ to be your true Source?


Ignoring warning signs or signals can lead to yielding to temptation, experiencing great suffering and can even prove to be fatal. Listen and pay close attention, follow the leading of God’s Holy Spirit and fully surrender to Christ and His Word. Know that God has always had your best interests in His heart and mind.


As you’re walking in faith, learning to be “pro-active” will always have a greater effect instead of not identifying a problem and then waiting for it to get out of control. Start by paying closer attention, even to what’s not obvious, with things that aren’t broke or aren’t a problem yet.  Seek the face of God, learn to be more creative and even think “outside of the box” as you seek to do a work for the Lord.


Yes, things left unchecked will cause you great anguish, bitter defeat and even bring total ruin.  Realize that you are not invincible and there are no exceptions to the rules. Much can be avoided if you will start to pay closer attention, listen to the noises, follow the warning signs and take preventive measures to remain in good condition and strong fellowship in Christ.


Make the time to keep your mind renewed,just like a car needs a periodic check-up or service. You must take some quality time and look under your hood. So, Keep God’s Word ever before you, maintain a prayer relationship with God, walk in faith and again follow the leading of The Holy Spirit.




“Will You Trust Me Even If You Don’t Understand Or Can’t See What I’m Doing?”


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“Will You Trust Me Even If You Don’t Understand Or Can’t See What I’m Doing?”

This is a prophetic word from The Holy Spirit that will bless you tremendously! 

Will you trust God if you’re being led in ways that may seem peculiar or drastically different from the normal way of doing things?  Will you trust God if His will clashes with your personal plans, wars against your physical desires, conflicts with your natural thinking, defies your human logic or even challenges your existing faith?

This is a prophetic word that NO BELIEVER SHOULD BE WITHOUT!


“Are You Allowing Uncertainty To Crush Your Heart And Rob You?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

question mark 

Are You Allowing Uncertainty To Crush Your Heart And Rob You?”

On different occasions doubt, uncertainty, skepticism, indecision, insecurity or instability has arisen in the hearts and minds of God’s people to trouble or perplex them regarding God’s power and His promises during  difficult times.

But, nothing should be allowed to give us such a lack of assurance or separate us from the love, grace and the promises of Our Living Savior & Lord, Jesus Christ.  No, not even death itself.

To help us be reminded of this, let’s reconsider the story in Matthew 14: 22-36 of Peter walking upon the water.  After struggling and exhausting themselves to keep their boat afloat on the sea during a turbulent storm, Jesus goes to their rescue by the means of walking on the water.  But when they see Him coming, they’re even more afraid believing him to be a ghost.

So Jesus calls out to them, identifying Himself and tells them not to fear.  Peter responses, “If it is you then permit me to come to you.”  Jesus said, “Come” and Peter began to walk on the water towards Christ.

Then Matthew 14: 30-31 says, “But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”  Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” He said, “Why did you doubt?”

In this familiar story Peter, being upheld by the power of Christ, walked upon the water not for any personal gain but to go to Jesus. As long as his full focus remained on Jesus, he was wonderfully borne up.  But when Peter saw and felt the strong hard wind blowing against him and the violent waves of the sea increasing to rise, his eyes became distracted and his attention diverted away from Jesus, who initially was empowering him to walk on top of those opposing conditions.

Even in our worst or most severe stormy days, HE IS OUR VERY PRESENT HELP.  Our dependence should be on Christ.  For He’s far greater and more superior than any hard time, negative situation , painful condition or demonic activity that you could ever encounter or experience. 

To show the greatness of His love, mercy, power and grace, various adversities will arise in our lives to often tempt, discourage, oppose, defeat and even try to destroy us but special promises and grace have been given to all, whose eyes remain focused on Christ.

It was through FAITH in Jesus that Peter was being supernaturally and divinely upheld, but when that faith wavered, the laws of gravitation were re-activated during his supernatural walk and then he began to quickly sink.  The violent winds and raging sea may have distracted his attention away, but it was the reduction of his faith that caused him to quickly sink and endanger his life.

After saving his life, The Lord rebuked Peter for his weakness of faith in allowing doubt to prevail to rob him of blessing.  For there is no good reason why Christ’s believers today should be of a doubtful mind when we’ve been given so great a salvation with so many assurances.

According to the Word of God, we should always expect our Lord’s divine intervention into our lives and affairs through faith.  We should trust that His almighty outstretched arms will rescue and deliver us in every situation. 

Satan will speak to your heart and minds in an attempt to distract, divert, discourage and depress your mind and crush your spirit as you face the circumstances in your life.  But don’t allow doubt and unbelief to rob you of the blessings and victory God wants you to experience through Christ.

Know that the cure for doubt and unbelief in all situations is to keep your mind  and heart renewed in The Word and Promises of God.  Learn God’s Word, renew it in your heart, recite it daily, meditate on it day and night, never let it depart from you and your life will be descriptive of Psalm 1: 3, which says “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”


“Are You In It To Win It?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills




Are You In It To Win It?”


Problems don’t change who you are, they reveal what’s inside of you. So regardless if you find yourself in the severe winter storm or blistering summer heat of life, you must adopt the mentality of an athlete and continue to persevere onward your journey.


Hebrews 12:1 NIV says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”


While observing the ancient Grecian games, which exercises or events consisted of running, wrestling, hand to hand combat and fighting, The Apostle Paul presented the allusion of the athletes in these games to believers on their Christian Journey.


In view of these events, the athletes had to take an oath that they had been in ten months of disciplined training and wouldn’t violate any of the regulations. Then they lived enduring rigorous exercise while experiencing painful exertion through cold and heat. Then they followed a strict diet of refraining from wine and certain foods, and lived a life of self-denial, so that nothing could be left undone and prevent the winning of the crown.


Then once the events began, great multitude of spectators usually occupied the circular seats in the amphitheater, from which they could easily observe all of the athletic events and cheer on their champions. In like manner, he revealed that the “stadium or our race” is our world and that we should be encouraged by the example of the multitudes who have run the same race before us, who are possibly now looking down on us from heaven, observing our conduct and seeing our conflicts and are cheering us on to victory.


But then The Apostle places the Christian race in contrast to the games; in those events only one can only receive the prize, though all participated. But in the Christian race, all that run will receive the prize.  So we are to run with purpose, not aimlessly, with such perseverance in the heavenly course to please God and get to heaven just like others did to obtain their earthly prize.


Now in order to diligently run, you are further instructed to put aside any type of weight or encumbrances that would slow you down or keep you from finishing or winning the race.


There’s always the present danger of yielding to fleshly desires, pampering the body, fulfilling its lusts or satisfying its appetites, dangers of pride, vanity, worldliness, or in having an ungovernable temper, a corrupt imagination, an insensible heart, or an unholy relationship. Or whatever else it could be, we are advised and encouraged to lay it aside or cast it down.


So you are to remove anything which can obstruct your progress and keep these dangers from impeding, overburdening, preventing, controlling or weighting you down so that you may win the divine prize.




“Where Is The Lord When You Need Him Most?”

Today’s Daily Devotional with Pastor Andrew Bills




Where Is The Lord When You Need Him Most?” 


Stress, heartaches, mental anguish and emotional torment can wreck havoc in your life and leave you shipwrecked, IF YOU LET IT!


But, God has not brought you this far to leave you!  Walking by faith, as we deal with certain painful challenges during dark hours not only seems unpleasant, but excruciating at times.

In every biblical story or encounter, God has always stepped into “impossible situations or dire circumstances” and by His presence, word, grace or power, made the difference in the lives of His people. Throughout our lengthy history, God has always demonstrated and proven His Faithfulness to man many, many times, so what makes you now think that He won’t be there for you?


In Exodus 23:20 NIV, God told Moses, “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”


Not only was the name of Jehovah in this angel, but this was none other than the “pre-incarnate” Christ who went before them in the pillar of a cloud by day and fire by night to guide, keep and bring them to the special place prepared by Him. He promised to preserve them through the wilderness, to give them victory over all the enemies that should set upon them and to bring them into the land of Canaan, which he had appointed or promised them.


Just like God promised Moses that He would always guide and direct his journey to the promised land, so God has also promised to be involved in guiding and delivering you throughout your bad or rough encounters, whether they come from the wilderness of this earth or are direct insults from the gates of hell.  Christ has promised to bring us to a place which God has especially designed for those that love and trust him.


So, know this important thing: The Holy Spirit of God is completely observant of all the situations you’re facing and is now invisibly conducting, leading, attending to, and orchestrating in your life and all of your affairs.  He’s also protecting all of God’s children, no matter how dark it might be appearing to you at this very moment.


Stand fast on His Word, know that His Almighty Eye is always upon you throughout every hour, know that He still hears and answers prayer, and finally know that when you seek His face, He will always reveal His mighty hand in your very midst


The greatest source of power is God’s Word, but you must connect into Him to be energized and turned on….. So, don’t breakdown, BREAKTHRU AND BREAKOUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST




“How Can I Overcome My Fears Through Faith In Jesus Christ?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills





How Can I Overcome My Fears Through Faith In Jesus Christ?



 2nd Timothy 1:7 says,For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Are you praying and believing God in faith and it doesn’t appear as if anything spiritual, encouraging, positive or supernatural is happening? Are you experiencing on-going pressures?  Here’s a little illustration that will assist you in seeing Satan as the defeated foe that he is.”


When I was 7 years old, my dad built a chicken coop in the back yard and on one particular occasion, he told me to come outside to watch and learn.  So I followed him out into the yard and into the chicken coop.


Once outside, he told me to catch one of the chickens.  In the chicken yard there were several hens, but many more baby chicks.  I ran around trying to catch one of these chickens and boy, could they move fast!  After many attempts and much laughter from my dad, I finally caught one and brought it to him.


Then I asked him, “What do you want me to do with this chick?”  He said, “We’re going to ring its neck and have it for dinner.”  I laughed because I thought he was joking, but before I knew it, he brutally snapped off the neck of that chicken.  Then, in total shock, I watched as its headless body flopped and moved around all over the place, for what I thought were hours, but in truth was only a few moments.  Then it completely stopped moving and lay still. 


Immediately, I flew into the house and watched from the window terrified.  My father yelled to me, “It’s all right, the chick is dead; it can’t hurt you!”  And he continued to laugh.   But in my mind (and my mind was the only one that seemed to matter) that chick acted as if it was not only still alive, but mad and even coming after me!  So, I ran and hid.  My dad proceeded to pick it up, then walked away to prepare it for dinner. 


Needless to say, even at dinner, I continued to stare at the chicken.  Even though it was fully cooked, seasoned with gravy, and laying in dressing, I still thought it would move and come after me.  It took time for my mind to become released or freed from its controlAnd throughout my years and experiences in ministry, I’ve discovered that many people today are just like I was in this brief childhood illustration.


They’re having difficulties fully realizing that Christ defeated Satan on Calvary and that the Resurrection is the full proof of Christ’s Victory and Satan’s Defeat.  It was there that Christ snapped the neck of Satan and he was defeated once and for all.  Since then Satan has been put under the feet of all believers through the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.


Satan is now like the headless body of that chick that I was afraid of as a young child.  Down through the centuries, people have been controlled by fear, by the movements or the flopping of a headless and defeated foe.  You need to know that the devil only has the power over you that you, as a believer give him through fear and allow Him to have.  


Remember, I ran because I thought he was going to get me… FEAROr even worse, while sitting at the dinner table, it was still through the controlling element of FEAR that I was continuing to be firmly held captive, blinded and paralyzed in my mind. This is our major battleground and we must renew our mind daily in the word of God, which acts as a sword against the wiles of the devil.


Satan will always try to enlarge, magnify and worsen the situation that you’re facing.  But, we need to see the devil as The defeated foe that he is.”  Trust in the Lord and take the limits off of God.  Stand firmly on His Promises and Christ will see you through.




“Grace That’s Beyond Human Logic”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

power of the cross 

Grace That’s Beyond Human Logic

2nd Kings 6:6 NTL says, “Where did it fall?” the man of God asked. When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it into the water at that spot. Then the ax head floated to the surface.”

Here In 2nd Kings 6: 1-7, we are given this amazing story where the school of the prophets had obtained Elisha’s blessing to expand their facilities.  While they were cutting down trees, the metal head of an axe fell off from its shaft and fell into deep water.  Since the axe had been borrowed, it became a disaster for one of the young men because he could not afford to pay for such an expensive tool.

After being summoned to the scene, Elisha immediately took a stick of wood from a nearby tree and threw it into the water.  Suddenly, the heavy iron axe head began to float back to the top of the water where it could be retrieved.

There was no other way  this could have happened apart from the power and the grace of God.   For only God, who created the laws of gravity could interrupt, suspend or defy His very own laws for the sake of this prophet and then allow this very heavy piece of iron to float.

Critics have tried to say that the stick Elisha threw into the water fell into the hole of the axe head and caused it to float or rise to the top, but the Jordan River at Jericho was so deep with rushing rapids.  So what’s the extreme possibility of the stick falling into the hole of the axe head in the dark muddy rushing water, let alone flowing against the current, back to the place where it could be retrieved?  

This brief experience reveals the grace of our Lord and just how much He cares for His people, even in their smallest concerns. 

The power and the grace of our Living Savior are more than enough to help us in every situation or crisis that we’ll face.


While the loss of an axe head may seem like  a trivial subject to some,  with God all things that effect us also matter to Him.   Doesn’t He encourage us to cast all our cares upon Him because He loves us? 

“Is anything too hard for the Lord to do?  His grace far exceeds our human logic or sense of reasoning.  That’s why when God is all we have, He’s all we need.  He enters into our dark, dismal or seemingly impossible circumstance and births light and gives new life to our situation.  He alone is God, there is no other like Him and He cares for you.

He can touch the hearts of others to bless you or He can bind the hands of those that oppose you.  He’s greater than any sickness, illness or life-threatening disease and through faith in Jesus Christ and His Word, He enables believers to stand and walk through the toughest of times.

God’s still in the business of saving, healing, delivering, restoring, encouraging, protecting, providing for, comforting and strengthening His people as we face or go through all kinds of adverse circumstances, negative situations, painful conditions hard times or satanic entrapments, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.



“What You Should Know When The Devil’s Laughing At You?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills


 What You Should Know When The Devil’s Laughing At You?”

Breakthroughs and spiritual victories are only won by means which are considered utterly inadequate or totally foolish when it comes to human reasoning or demonic activity.

In chapter three of the Book of Joshua, The Lord gave Joshua some unique instructions to prepare them for the crossing of the Jordan River.  The Jordan River was at its full strength, cold, muddy and overflowing its banks as they approached it. The unusual instructions were that the priests were to pick up and bare the ark, carrying it 1,000 yards out in front of all their military, with the rest of the nation of Israel to follow.  By faith, as soon as the feet of the priests stood in the rushing water, God parted or re-routed the river waters and all Israel proceeded across the great Jordan River on totally dry ground.

Then in chapter six, once again The Lord gave Joshua more unique instructions to prepare them for conquering the city of Jericho.  The city was well fortified by a towering wall that surrounded and protected the city, but The Lord told Joshua to have the priest bare the ark of the covenant, being followed by their military, and quietly march around the city one time for six straight days.  Then on the seventh day, they were to march around the city seven times but on the seventh time, they were to blow their trumpets and shout.  In strict obedience to God, upon shouting, the walls of Jericho fell flat and Israel conquered Jericho on that day.

On both occasions, the commands given to Joshua, to the natural human mind or demonic intellect, seemed very foolish, inadequate  or just plain weird.  Can’t you visualize Satan and the people of Jericho laughing as Israel quietly and slowly marched around their city walls, following a wooden box being carried by a group of priests.  What superstition, what foolishness!!!  So, they thought as they laughed them to scorn.  But, their laughter suddenly ceased on the seventh day when their walls suddenly collapsed.

Today believers are laughed at when we resort to prayer instead of acts of revenge or violence.  True Christians are scorned as we believe in humbling ourselves before God that He may exalt us, instead of using worldly tactics to get by or over on other people.  We believe that in order to go up, we must go down in prayer.  We are greatly mocked as we believe in being a cheerful giver, which is the way of pleasing The Lord, as we trust Him to supply all of our needs instead of using worldly tactics to get over on people.  We are deeply hated as we talk more about our Lord than about worldly, earthly and ungodly conversions that profit our spirit nothing.

Now on both occasions, The Lord instructed Joshua to have the ark of the covenant out in front of all His people.  The ark of the covenant, which is mentioned in scripture over 180 times, represented the presence of God in the midst of His people.  It was the most important piece of furniture in the tabernacle. 

When the Israelites needed direction, God always spoke to them in the place where the ark rested.  No matter how strange it appeared, whenever Israel went to battle, the priests carried the ark out in front of their army to let the opposition know that they were not fighting alone, but God was with them.

Now, inside the ark were The Ten Commandments that had been given to Moses, which represented The Word of God.  Next, inside the ark was Manna that had collected, which had fallen from Heaven, which represented Jesus Christ, the living bread from heaven or the bread of life.  Then finally, inside the ark was Aaron’s Staff or Rod that had budded.  A seemingly dead walking staff that had miraculously blossomed, which speaks of the resurrection power of The Holy Spirit of God. 

Today God’s Word, the Living Christ and the presence and power of The Holy Spirit continue to be our salvation, strength, defense, deliverance and victory.  As you focus on Christ and keep His word in front of you, you too will  be led through some of the most negative situations, adverse circumstances, painful conditions, dark valleys, hard times and tragic experiences that the enemy will bring against you.

Are you in right standing with God?  Are you looking to Him despite the dictates of your circumstances, surroundings or conditions?  How can The Lord keep you if you refuse to keep your eyes on Him?

Despite the ridicule from the ungodly or unsaved people around you, Christ Jesus is OUR LIFE AND BREAKTHROUGH regardless of all attacks, lack, scorn, persecutions, oppositions, ungodly plots and demonic activity in our world today.


“What Kind Of Messiah Are You Trusting In?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills


What Kind Of Messiah Are You Trusting In?”

Are you experiencing a heart-wrenching situation and your emotions have left you feeling as if you’re dealing with a resuscitated, weak, emaciated, skinny Jesus, streaming blood, in need of assistance from the tomb instead of a resurrected, powerful, almighty and ascended Lord?

So many today are not walking as if their lives exemplify the power of the risen Christ, or that they’ve been delivered from sin, filled with His Spirit, walking in the favor of God or living a victorious Christian life by standing on His Word.

So, what kind of messiah are you looking for?  What kind of messiah are you trusting in?

Is your religious experience just a matter of accepting some intellectual devised rules, organized traditions and social values as you gather with other like-minded friends on Sunday mornings?  Or do you really believe that He has risen and is alive forever more? 

In John chapter 20, after the crucifixion of Jesus, early on that Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene came to anoint the body of Jesus with spices but found that the stone had been rolled away from in front of the tomb.

As she pondered what had happened, even after seeing and hearing from two angels and seeing Jesus, her heart was still filled with dismay.

John 20:15 NIV says, “Jesus asked her, “Woman, why are you crying?  Who is it you are looking for?” Thinking he was the gardener, she said, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.”

To console her weeping, he tenderly asked her those two questions, which were the first words of the risen Jesus, for Mark tells us, “He appeared first of all to Mary of Magdala.”

Overwhelmed with grief, preoccupied with sorrow, confused by her perception, weeping the loss of His missing body and her face filled with a river of tears, she thought him to be the gardener.  She thought him to be the caretaker of the grounds perhaps who had been with Joseph of Arimathaea when His body was laid and sealed in that tomb.

Filled with terrifying grief, she had no notion of the Resurrection.  She was utterly overcome with one bitter and cruel thought.  That the sacred body, of which she had come to anoint, was gone and had be stolen.

Her passionate burst revealed her ongoing love for her savior, for her mind was still fixed on the fact that His body had be taken.  So she pled for an act of kindness to be demonstrated and told him that she would move His body away.

You cannot help but be touched by her love at this point.  When Jesus was crucified, he was in the prime of His life at 33 years of age, a strong figure of a young man.  Upon His burial perhaps several additional pounds of spices had been added to the weight of His body.  Yet Mary, as small and frail as she was, thought nothing less than carrying him away with her if he would show her where the body has been moved.

Then, just like in the story of Joseph in Genesis 45:1, our risen savior Jesus Christ could no longer restrain Himself and made Himself known to her.

Christ always reveals Himself to those that earnestly seek Him.  Are you aware that the hardest spots in life can also become the place of new revelation or a new beginning?

The key towards overcoming fear, conquering obstacles and moving beyond your wounded past is in coming to know and maintaining intimate fellowship the Risen Messiah, Christ Jesus.  Then you’ll realize and experience His presence, love and awesome power through His Word and Holy Spirit in your life and circumstances.


“Don’t Lose What You’ve Got!”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

dont lose hope sign 

Don’t Lose What You’ve Got!”

Due to a variety of reasons, so many that have started out walking with God have left their first love (Christ Jesus) by allowing their faith to become shipwrecked through disappointments, temptations, deceptions or lies.

The Apostle John encourages believers to remain vigilant, watchful and stay on course against all the different deceptive attempts to distract and lure the heart’s of believers away trusting God.

Trials, tribulations, temptations, sorrows and disappointments are only part of this earthly life but believers must remember that God has a lengthy and faithful history of saving, delivering, healing, protecting and providing for his people no matter what the temptations, obstacles, challenges or impossibilities.

Our Christian faith is solely predicated on what Christ did on Calvary’s cross and through His Resurrection from the dead.  As believer’s, we are partakers of His Divine Nature because His Spirit resides within us, but we have a responsibility to guard our minds and hearts against Satan and all his devices.

The Apostle John firmly declares in 2 John 1:8 (NLT) which says, “Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked so hard to achieve. Be diligent so that you receive your full reward.”

Deceivers come in many different shapes, genders, colors and sizes.  One such deceiver was named Delilah. 

Samson was the 13th judge in Israel and The Spirit of The Lord mightily used him, empowering him with supernatural physical strength.  As long as Samson remained faithful to the vow of not letting a razor cut his hair, God mightily used him to defeat the enemy of Israel.  Samson’s power was not his hair, IT WAS THE LORD, but his hair only symbolized his commitment or vow to God.

While Samson had the power to conquer the Philistines, he lacked the power to overcome fleshly temptation, so Satan used Delilah’s lap to give Samson a “haircut in the wrong barbershop.”  (Read the entire 16th chapter of Judges)

For 1100 pieces of silver from Israel’s enemies, Delilah seduced and pressed Samson daily until he exposed his heart and revealed his secret to her.  (Judges 16: 16-17) 

Then in the 20th verse it says, “And The Lord departed from him.”  It was not God’s will for Samson’s mission, calling, career and his efforts to end like they tragically did.

The enemy took him, blinded him, enslaved him, ridiculed him, publicly humiliated him and laughed at God.  Even though The Lord was forgiving and gracious enough to allow Samson’s hair to regrow and strength to return for one final victory over the enemy at his death, Samson’s story should inspire believers everywhere to ”be on your guard and don’t throw your confidence away!” 

Don’t lose what you’ve been given and achieved!  Keep you heart secured in Christ and don’t allow yourself to become exposed to dangerous people or deceptive devices and methods.

The way to our reward is to abide in God’s Word and let the love of Christ Jesus abide in and through us.  Clinging to the Word of God not only keeps you in fellowship with Christ but sets faith ablaze within your heart and allows you to operate in the power of The Holy Spirit.