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“Are You Stressed Out Because Of Rebellious Or Screwed-Up People In Your Life?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills



Are You Stressed Out Because Of Rebellious Or Screwed-Up People In Your Life?”



“When you think that you’re just about to win in this rat race, along comes more rats that are faster than you.”   

Well stress, heartaches, mental anguish and emotional torment will wreak havoc and leave you shipwrecked….. IF YOU LET IT!

It doesn’t matter if the person troubling, worrying or stressing you out is a family member or relative, a co-worker, a neighbor, a fellow student, a friend or even an ex-spouse. The Bible has solutions on how to deal with rebellious or screwed-up people.

Whether it’s someone you love or a total stranger, our world is filled with people who will bring great anguish in your life because they think they’re smarter than you, can do a better job than you, they’re jealous of your position, envious of your talents, they’re addicted to drugs, or they are just plain nuts.

Regardless if they’re a pain in your heart or a pain in your butt,”your starting point for obtaining victory or success despite them is through establishing and maintaining a clear vision of who you are in Christ, who Christ is in you and walking in His Authority.

Your situation is not unique.  You don’t have to allow others to put you through the wringer.  You can learn how to overcome and even forgive without being trampled on when someone else is working overtime to cause you pain.

Just as a tragedy survivor has to come to grip with their new reality, you too must come to grip with yours in order to have vision and move forward.  You either must make the choice to arise, be filled with a new vision and walk forward or to remain where you are and die.  (And I personally don’t recommend dying!)

We too must learn to answer every stressful temptation from rebellious people just like Nehemiah did in Nehemiah 6:3:  “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?”

Don’t allow yourself to be overcome by any foolishness, no matter how urgent, repetitive or malicious.  Know that you’re in spiritual warfare and that Jesus said that “the gates of hell cannot prevail against you.” (Matthew 16:18)

Nehemiah knew the spirit that he was dealing with from those challenging him and what they were aiming to do.  While he didn’t show any open contempt, he refused to relinquish his place, abdicate his God given position and stop doing what he was called to do.

Never step down to the level of your circumstances!  Maintain your course of action.  Keep a good conscience before The Lord and maintain a good reputation before whom you’re called to witness. 

Remember, whatever your anguish is the result of, you can learn how to stop, and then proceed by allowing God’s Holy Spirit to quiet your soul and flood your mind with His peace through His Word.

Philippians 4: 6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”  

The greatest source of power is God’s Word, but you must connect into Him to be energized and turned on to receive your breakthrough, in the name of Jesus Christ.


“Did You Know That Using Both Oars Is God’s Plan For Your Life?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills


Did You Know That Using Both Oars Is God’s Plan For Your Life?”

Picture yourself in this rowboat. Please notice that you have an oar to the left and an oar to the right of you. Let’s name the oar on the left as faith and the other oar as works.”

How far do you think you’d get using only one oar?

If you use only one oar, you’ll just continue to go around in circles, never getting anywhere.  But if you use both oars, your boat can successfully be navigated in the correct direction. 

One of the greatest insights for victorious Christian living is found in the book of James.  James 2:26 NASB says,For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.” 

As the body and soul are united as one to define life within a person, similarly  faith and faithful activities or works are used to define the life of a born again and spirit-filled believer in Christ.

If good works are NOT being performed, it’s clear evidence that there’s no true and proper spiritual life or faith.Because if faith produces no fruit, it’s dead faith. James isn’t stating we don’t have real and genuine faith.  No!!!  All believers are justified through faith in Christ. We need faith to initially accept Christ, but the fruit of our faith is works. When others see our fruit, we are living examples of Christ.

Under the anointing of The Holy Spirit, James is declaring that genuine, growing faith will always result in or be accompanied by good works.   As The Holy Spirit gives life to a believer, the love and grace of God through Christ stimulates us to walk by faith and then motivates us to righteous actions or activities. 

Jesus himself declared in John 15:2,Every branch in me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit.”

Our Lord Jesus was declaring that “Everyone who is a true follower of me, who is united to me by faith, derives grace and strength from me. Just as the branch gains life from the vine, you will have the life of my spirit within you, to continue doing my will to please God.”

The more a believer exercises faith in Christ, the more he or she is strengthened in his belief.  The more he believes, the more he receives; and the more he receives, the more enabled he becomes in his work for God.  

Obedience becomes a believer’s sheer delight, not done to obtain the applause of man, but to please his Lord and Savior because of the love and grace shown by God towards him.  Because of God’s love in his heart, he allows Christ to work through him towards other men.  And then these works become one of the main visible elements that will be outwardly seen through a believer’s life.


“What Is One Of The Greatest Promises Of God In The Bible?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

Gods protection 

What Is One Of The Greatest Promises Of God In The Bible?”

One of the most extraordinary events recorded in history took place as thousands of men, women and children, unaccustomed to dangerous travel, without any military protection, not use to disciplined order, carrying priceless treasures, walked a four month journey through the desert, filled with bandits, marauding tribes, plunderers and murderers, safely to their final home destination.

One of the main precious promises of God to us is that He’s with us throughout our wilderness journey down here on earth.   Over 550 times throughout the pages of scripture, God has made it to be known to His people that, I AM WITH THEE.”

A great example of this is found in Ezra 8:31 NASB which says, “Then we journeyed from the river Ahava on the twelfth of the first month to go to Jerusalem;  and the hand of our God was over us, and He delivered us from the hand of the enemy and the ambushes by the way.”

Under the leadership of Ezra the priest, the Jews were granted permission to leave Babylon and return back to Jerusalem.  The reached the first milestone of their journey in 9 days.  But the vast desert, filled with perilous dangers, yet lay before them.

Ezra knew this, and having refused a military escort from the king, he instead prepared them with fastings and prayer before God.  Armed only under the care and protection of God and His Word, they proceeded on their several hundred mile – four month journey through the desert infested with raiding hordes and thieves.

It’s vital to realize that Ezra later declared that the sole reason that their journey was prosperous was that “the hand of God was with them.”

Ezra had instilled faith back into the hearts of the returning Jews.  Their hearts again were only trusting in the power and mercy of God.  He alone was the sole source of their strength and deliverance as they once again had believed in God’s word.  As they took their daily journey, one step at a time, they were trusting God for His divine protection, guidance and deliverance as they proceeded.

Today, all believers are walking through their daily journey through this wilderness, which is still filled with enemies laying in wait, bold and open enemies of every kind.  

Temptations, adverse circumstances, negative situations, hard times, painful conditions, Satanic entrapment or ungodly plots and all other sorts of demonic activity are constantly attacking believers as we’re pressing onward to our final yet Eternal Home.

But as people of God, with our hearts given to Christ Jesus, armed with The Word of God, filled with The Holy Spirit and given over to prayer, we too MUST BELIEVE that “If God be for us, who can be against us.”

Therefore, no matter the threat or the appearance of any enemy, even if attacked, you will not be overwhelmed or defeated as long as you too keep God and your Eternal Destiny in full focus and view.

“Are You Allowing The Vultures To Steal Your Blessing?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills


Are You Allowing The Vultures To Steal Your Blessing?”

In Genesis chapter 15, God was in the process of confirming and explaining His covenant to Abraham, when The Lord directed Abraham to prepare a special animal sacrifice that would seal their covenant.

Abraham obeyed, but as soon as he began arranging the carcasses in a certain order, certain birds of prey began to trouble him.

Genesis 15:11 NLT, says that “Some vultures swooped down to eat the carcasses, but Abram chased them away.”

Abraham stood by his sacrifice, driving off those peace stealing intruders, as he waited for the manifestation of God.  Those pesky creatures were fully intent on polluting and devouring the sacrifice that was being consecrated to God, which would have resulted in Abraham’s blessing being effected.   Abraham knew what was at stake, so he guarded and protected his act of devotion.

The decent of these swooping birds of prey represent or symbolizes our adversary, Satan, who just like in this scene with Abraham, dispatches intruders for the purpose of interrupting your worship, invading your prayerful words, disturbing your devotions and molesting your peace in order to destroy your act of worshipping Christ.

Satan is afraid of your sacrifices and acts of worship.  He will constantly invade your time of prayer with wandering, worldly, annoying or wicked thoughts.  He’ll try to distract you away from fellowshipping with Christ by reminding you of the cares of the world, your financial bills, the problems you’re experiencing, your difficulties at church, school and even in your home.   Satan will even send people in your midst for the sheer purpose of leading you astray, influencing your thinking and destroying your life.

In an attempt to move you away from the brink of receiving your breakthrough or blessing from God, he’ll try to fill your mind with thoughts of unbelief, criticism, weakness, inability or doubt. But your victory, blessing and success is in exactly doing what Abraham did centuries ago.   He drove them away!

You can advert destruction, resist temptation and overcome the works of the enemy by standing on God’s word and driving his suggestive and destructive thoughts away.  Like pesky flies troubling your eating at a picnic, shoe them away.  Send them back to him!

Isn’t that what Jesus Christ himself did when Satan tried to tempt him after fasting for 40 days?  Jesus overcame the devil by The Word of God.  He resisted and drove him away. 

You must learn to ward off these demonic suggestions and attacks.  Put on the whole armor of God as stated in Ephesians chapter 6. 

Just like Abraham, the responsibility is personal yours.  You can do it with the help of The Holy Spirit by standing and speaking God’s word whenever you’re attacked or challenged.