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Daily Devotional – “Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up As You Waited On The Lord?”

Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills

waiting on the Lord Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up 

As You Waited On The Lord?

Whenever hard times, negative situations and painful conditions arise in our midst, we must believe to see, not see to believe, that our Lord will mightily move in our lives. You must remember that wherever a believer is, he or she can always find a way to the throne of grace through prayer and trusting God for His Divine Intervention.

Today, many only feel like giving up because they don’t sense God’s presence as they’re focusing on their gloomy situation instead of giving Christ their undivided attention, standing on God’s Word and listening to the voice of The Holy Spirit.  But The Lord wants to enlarge your testimony and mature your faith as you learn to prevail and pierce through the darkness around you.  And this is not a time to give up but your hour to BELIEVE HIM!

Now, a special word of assurance and an encouraging testimony is found in Psalms 27:13, where David said, “I would have fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

Evil had raised its hand as many false witnesses rose up against him and threatened to destroy both his life and the lives of his friends. The opposition was so numerous, mighty, and fierce that it everything physically appeared helpless, hopeless, useless and that death was at hand.

Yet David said that his only support was his faith in God and his belief that he would yet be permitted to see the goodness of God upon the earth. Here David does not speak of a faith that he once had, but of the faith, confidence and assurance that he now has.  But, what was this confidence grounded in?

He believed, trusted and relied on The Word and The Promises of God. And with this deep internal conviction, he had the fullest belief that God would intervene to save, heal, provide and change his present circumstances by delivering him out of the hands of his enemies.

His faith in God was sufficient enough to calm his mind and sustain him under those stressful and heart-wrenching conditions. This psalm clearly revealed David’s state of heart and mind despite the efforts of his enemies to destroy him. David firmly believed in God’s Presence, and by seeking His Face, he was trusting God for His Divine Guidance and His Almighty Invisible Protection.  And God brought great deliverance and victory into His life.

In times of affliction, perplexity and discouragement, you too can have this same assurance because of God’s Love, Grace, and Power promised to all believers through His Word and by His Holy Spirit.

Waiting on The Lord does not mean sitting idle on your living room sofa or a park bench just hoping for anything to happen in your midst. NO!  Waiting on The Lord means standing in faith and waiting with great expectation.  Waiting on The Lord means that you’re praising God for having heard your prayer and thanking Him in advance for His Divine Intervention.

Waiting on The Lord means “Standing In Faith” and standing is an act of aggression and strength.  Waiting on The Lord means that you’re piercing through the darkness in prevailing prayer as you’re standing in faith. Standing In Faith means that that you are refusing to accept circumstances or the conditions the way they are and you are believing God for great changes, according to His promises in His Word.

As you look to Our Mighty Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, through fervent prayer and faith, you too can be delivered from the hands of the enemy that’s oppressing you. So, remain encouraged and wait on the Lord with great expectation and the full assurance that God will also intervene mightily in your life.




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Daily Devotional – “Why Is It That Believers Often Fail To Pray?”

 Today’s Daily Devotional from Pastor Andrew Bills   

woman_crying “Why Is It That Believers Often Fail To Pray?”

Have you missed your time with Him?  Regardless if it’s because of doubt, too busy of a schedule, or the lack of you understanding the effects of prayer both in the spiritual realm and what it can do in your life, He wants you to realize that if you don’t pray, HOW CAN HE MOVE IN YOUR LIFE AND CIRCUMSTANCES?

Prayer has brought salvation to the lost, healing to the sick, strength to the weak, life to the dead, deliverance to the oppressed and victory to those facing defeat.

While it’s one of the most talked about subject in our churches and Christian circles today, WHY IS PRAYER THE LEAST PERFORMED?

Christians will talk about prayer, say that they believe in prayer, and can even explain the importance of prayer, BUT WHY IS PRAYER SO OFTEN NEGLECTED?

Don’t you know that Satan doesn’t want you inspired, encouraged, strengthened, growing in faith, delivered, joyful and blessed?  He knows that if he can keep you miserable, fearful, doubtful, discouraged, stressed, mad and weak then you’ll remain helpless, hopeless, frustrated, PRAYER-LESS, wandering aimlessly through life and even mad at God.

Yes, and the devil has even convinced some of you that all the promises of God are for someone else, but not you.  But, that’s a lie from the very pit of hell.

The power of effective prayer can be seen in the lives of many throughout the pages of scripture.  Through prayer, Hannah, who was childless, prayed and Samuel was born. (Read 1st Samuel chapter 1-2)

Through prayer, Elijah changed the weather conditions and it didn’t rain for 3 ½ years in Israel. (Read 1st Kings chapter 17)

Through prayer, Hezekiah was healed and 15 more years were added to his life. (Read 2nd Kings chapter 20).

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself gave us many wonderful promises regarding prayer and how He would move in our lives and affairs if you would seek God’s face and stand on His Word.  (Read John 15:7)

Did you know that when you pray, God releases angels to stand right by your side?  Yes, these ministering spirits are dispatched from the very throne room of God to stand guard and protect as you’re trusting Christ.

There’s nothing too hard for The Lord to do, but without prevailing or effective prayer, you’ll only get what life throws at you.  So, why should you settle for anything less than walking in God’s Spirit and experiencing His mighty hand and wonderful Grace at work in your life?

Therefore, learn to put prayer first.  There’s nothing better than to arise earlier and start your day off with prayer.  Learn to schedule your entire day around your communication and time of intimacy with your Heavenly Father.   He guarantees that your life will never be the same.




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Daily Devotional – “Where Is The Lord When You Need Him Most?”

Today’s Daily Devotional by Pastor Andrew Bills

 seeking God

Stress, heartaches,mental anguish and emotional toment can wreck havoc in your life and leave you shipwrecked, IF YOU LET IT!

But, God has not brought you this far to leave you!  Walking by faith, as we deal with certain painful challenges during dark hours not only seems unpleasant, but excruciating at times.  But God is still ever present and here for us as we look to Him in faith.

In every biblical story or encounter, God has always stepped into “impossible situations or dire circumstances” and by His presence, word, grace or power, made the difference in the lives of His people as they looked to God in faith. Throughout our lengthy history, God has always demonstrated and proven His Faithfulness to man many, many times, so what makes you now think that He won’t be there for you?

In Exodus 23:20 NIV, God told Moses, “See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”

Not only was the name of Jehovah in this angel, but this was none other than the “pre-incarnate” Christ who went before them in the pillar of a cloud by day and fire by night to guide, keep and bring them to the special place prepared by Him. He promised to preserve them through the wilderness, to give them victory over all the enemies that should set upon them and to bring them into the land of Canaan, which he had appointed or promised them.

Just like God promised Moses that He would always guide and direct his journey to the promised land, so God has also promised to be involved in guiding and delivering you throughout your bad or rough encounters, whether they come from the wilderness of this earth or are the direct insults from the gates of hell. Christ has promised to bring us to a place which God has especially designed for those that love and trust him.

So, know this important thing: The Holy Spirit of God is completely observant of all the situations you’re facing and is now invisibly conducting, leading, attending to, and orchestrating in your life and all of your affairs. He’s also protecting all of God’s children, no matter how dark it might be appearing to you at this very moment.  So, have faith in The Lord Jesus Christ!

Stand fast on His Word, know that His Almighty Eye is always upon you throughout every hour, know that He still hears and answers prayer, and finally know that when you seek His face, He will always reveal His mighty hand in your very midst

The greatest source of power is God’s Word, but you must connect into Him to be energized and turned on…..     So, don’t breakdown, BREAKTHRU AND BREAKOUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST




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Daily Devotional – “Did You Know That God Can Use What You’ve Experienced To Bless Others?”

blessing from God


It has been said that “You don’t drown by falling into the water, you drown by staying there.”   Learning to trust Jesus Christ to bring something good out of a painful situation or an unexpected tragedy means looking beyond what we can see as you surrender to God.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is in the business of turning you mess into a wonderful message, your liability somehow into an asset and your painful experience into a insightful blessing to encourage the lives of countless others. For up from the ashes, God always brings forth those soldiers or warriors that cling to His Word as their only hope for survival as they go through an emotional ordeal or anguish during their painful circumstance.

“No matter what you’re going through, Jesus Has Already Worked It Out For You,” are the faithful words we share at the conclusion of our daily broadcasts.   We believe and teach that there’s nothing Greater Than God that you can experience or that God can’t use for good, if you place it into His hands.

Such was the case in 2010 as my wife, Ann Marie was diagnosed with a very rare tumor lodged in her head that paralyzed her left vocal cord, affected the hearing in her left ear, stopped her ability to sing and left her only with a speaking voice at the level of a whisper.

God had blessed her with a beautiful singing voice, one of which many had told her that she even sang like an angel, only now to face this dilemma after having used her beautiful gift for over 36 years.

Throughout this ordeal, Ann Marie experienced great frustration and sadness until she realized that she would not allow her voice to define her. And as she opened her Bible, she received great inspiration from John 1:4 NIV which says “And light shinned in the darkness, but darkness could not overcome it.”

What a simple and yet profound revelation was this to her. That Light could not be overcome by darkness. For that darkness represented the tumor in her head, the sadness of losing her voice, inner anguish and the value of who she was and what she thought she had to share.

She had read that portion of scripture many, many times before but this time it was different as The Holy Spirit of God gave her a new revelation and understanding from God’s Word.

The laser surgery went well but the surgeon told me not to get my hopes up for the restoration of her voice back. I told him, “Doctor, you’re a good physician but I know the Great Physician and we’re standing on His Word for her full recovery.”

It’s now approaching the 3rd anniversary of her surgery. After only being able to talk above a whisper for several months, her full speaking ability has returned. You can faithfully hear Ann Marie speaking and teaching over the internet radio broadcasts, sitting right by my side sharing out of her heart.   Her singing capability, which is about 80 percent restored, is still briefly limited and keeping her from hitting the high beautiful notes but is still a work in progress as we’re looking to Christ.

But her greatest blessing is in what Christ has done inside of her. She’s received a greater revelation of His Love and Grace and that her true calling was to serve Christ through encouraging others in His Word. And through this entire ordeal, she’s now touching more lives for Christ.

My friends, only God can make sense out of nonsense as you trust Him. There’s nothing too hard for Him to do. He specializes in the most difficult and impossible situations.

His only question to you is: “Will you trust Me even if you don’t understand or can’t see what I’m trying to do in your life?”




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Daily Devotional – “Are You Too Quick On The Trigger Or Being Led By The Lord?”

trigger happy



A woman had just finished shopping and returned to the car. When she arrived she found four men inside the car. Immediately, she dropped her shopping bags, drew a handgun from her purse and screamed, “I have a gun and I know how to use it! Get out of the car or I’ll shoot.”    

The men didn’t wait for a second command and they quickly got out and ran like crazy. The woman, somewhat shaken, then loaded her shopping bags and then got into the car. But no matter how she tried, she just couldn’t get her key into the ignition. Then it finally dawned on her, that her car was parked five spaces away!

Immediately, she loaded her groceries into her own car and then drove straight to the police station to turn herself in. The desk sergeant to whom she told the story nearly fell out of his chair laughing. Then he pointed to the other end of the room, where those four men were there reporting a carjacking by an old woman with thick glasses, curly white hair, less than five feet tall and carrying a large handgun.

She had mistakenly thought the car was hers, but it really belonged to someone else. And fortunately for her, since no one was injured or killed, no charges were filed.

Mistakes, we’ve all made them, hopefully not as foolish or extreme as this one.   But whether you realize it or not, you are still a work in progress, for many have learned in life that “haste always makes waste.”

Proverbs 19:2 NASB says, “It is not good for a person to be without knowledge, and he who hurries his footsteps errs.”

Too many people are in too big of a rush today and many have suffered greatly because of their lack of knowledge, wisdom or patience under certain situations or in crucial areas.

Instead of having a quiet spirit or keeping a cool head, many have spoken insulting words they’ve later regretted or done things they’ve wish they hadn’t. Our hospitals and even graveyards are filled with those who acted too fast without clearly or reasonably thinking things through.

When your emotions are running high, its becomes too easy for confusion, fear, panic or rage to set in or run its course, affecting your common sense judgment which always results in errors, mistakes, embarrassment, sin and even death.

Many times you would do well at taking a second look as you reconsider the matter. Take time to think, as you also take a deep breath and remember who you are in Christ, and who Christ is in you. Learning and remembering to be in control will always have a more positive, spiritual and effective result with a better outcome.




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Daily Devotional – “What Impact Does Going To Heaven Make In Your Life?”


A preacher once asked his congregation, “How many of you are ready to go to Heaven?” Everyone raised their hands up with the exception of one young boy. The preacher then asked that young boy, “Son, don’t you want to go to Heaven when you die?” The boy then replied, “Yes, but it sounded as if you were loading up a bus to leave right now!”

So many people are so busy making earthly plans or trying to be productive in this world that they tend to neglect or even deny the real importance of what’s really at stake here in life.

In Matthew 7:21 Jesus said, “”Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

No person, by merely acknowledging His authority, believing in His Divinity, professing faith in the perfection of His righteousness, and infinite merit of His atonement, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven or shall have any part with God in glory; but he who doeth the will of my Father shall enter in.

Therefore, you’ll have 3 main surprises when you get to Heaven:

First, you’ll look around for others that you though would be there but find out that they didn’t make it in. They are the ones that put on a good show in the churches, acting and talking like they were saved but their hearts were far from God. While some preached, prophesied or served in the church and even performed some good works, they harbored secret sins, lived in disobedience and walked in darkness, while trying to just remain close enough to keep up a good appearance.

They made a good show when they gave their offerings or prayed their prayers but it was to be seen by man and not from a grateful or pure heart before Christ. And a mere profession, or just by working in the church, or the giving of offerings just won’t allow you admittance into his eternal kingdom.

Others were more interested in “Keeping up with The Joneses instead of setting their affection on things above.” And only the pure in heart in Christ shall see God.

The second surprise will be that you’ll look around and find many others there that you though would never make it in. So often man looks on the outward appearance and casts judgments on others. People judge others that are in a different denominational persuasion or who don’t do things exactly in the same way that they believe things should be done.

Many are judged based upon their differences of opinions, or their cultural, racial or gender background, social beliefs, family values or even voting differences.  But God is always looking at the heart of a person and the content of his or her character and not on any outer appearances.

Many Pentecostals will be amazed to find many Baptists that will be there. Many Presbyterians will be amazed to find many Catholics there. And many of the Faith Movement will be utterly surprised to find many Methodists there. Whosoever has called upon the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and shall believe in their heart shall be saved, so the name on your church sign just won’t matter.

But the third or greatest surprise will be that YOU yourself made it in. Despite all of your struggles against temptation and sin, and sometimes even with mistakes or failures, you realized that it was “By Grace you were saved through faith” in Jesus Christ. Through His mercy, you were forgiven as you truly sought His face and repented.   And though you never reached the point of

“perfection,” you continued to read His Word and please The Lord.

My friends, what will make Heaven so great won’t be that the streets are made of gold or the beautiful gates of peril or even the reunion of all the saints: IT WILL BE BECAUSE OF CHRIST IS THERE AND THAT WE’LL BE FOREVER WITH HIM. In a place where we’ll never grow old, suffer anymore sickness or sorrow, and we’ll experience great joy and real peace for all eternity.

Does this cause excitement in your heart?




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Daily Devotional – “Did You Know That Experience Is A teacher But You Don’t Have To Let It Become Your Undertaker?”

teacher 2

We’ve all made bad decisions or wrongful choices, made mistakes, missed opportunities, or performed sinful activities. We’ve all experienced an unexpected tragedy, unforeseen sickness, or suffered some sort of misfortune in life. We’ve all thought to ourselves or said out publicly at some point in life, “If I had the sense back then, that I have today, things would’ve turned out differently.”

Revelation 2:26 NIV says, “To him that overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations.”

Jesus, in speaking to the church in Thyatria, initially began to commend this church, but then they allowed wicked seducers to enter and begin corrupting their fellowship. Christ began to call them to learn from their mistakes and to repent or He would rebuke, correct and punish them. If they would repent, then they would partake in the final triumph and be associated with Him in glory.

THANK GOD FOR HIS LOVE, MERCY, GRACE & FORGIVENESS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! Now our lives should always be looking to Jesus Christ, walking in faith, listening to The Holy Spirit and daily learning how to overcome temptations, adversities, set-backs, oppositions, and hindrances as we stand on His Word.

All Christians should earnestly desire that their last works may be their best works as you are growing in His Grace. So let’s continue to stand against the enemy, that we may continue as overcomers and perform the will and works of Christ to the very end.

Jesus Christ is still able to save, deliver, strengthen, provide for, and help guide us through any darkness that you’re experiencing.




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Daily Devotional – “Did You Know that God Wants You To Face Your Circumstances In His Miracle Working Power?”


God wants you to learn how to face all of your circumstances in the strength and power of His Word and Holy Spirit. God is calling you to swim and not sink or drown. He’s calling you to stand and climb, not to stumble and fall. God is maturing a people who will do just that in the face of all adversity: to stand on His Word, stand for Him, and face every trial, test or crisis victoriously in The Name of Jesus and in The Power of The Holy Ghost.

In the 27th chapter of the Book of Acts, The Apostle Paul was a prisoner on board a ship which was sailing for Rome. Just prior to leaving the harbor, he warned the captain that he sensed in his spirit that their voyage would not only be damaging to the ship but very dangerous and even life threatening to all those on board.

But Paul’s words were not believed! And the orders were given and the captain set sail for the open seas. Shortly thereafter, there arose a very severe typhoon or hurricane, which lasted several days. During this time they experienced one of the most heart wrenching ordeals, the likes of which the 276 soldiers, crew members and prisoners had never before experienced.

Their ship was being threatened, in danger of being torn apart and sinking. For many days they saw neither the sun nor the moon. So to lighten the ship, they began to cast all their tackle and cargo overboard. Terror and fear struck most of their hearts and eventually there was talk among the soldiers of mutiny and of killing all of the prisoners and no doubt suicide may have even entered into some of their minds. But during the very midst of all their struggles, Paul spoke out strongly and boldly in faith.

Acts 27:22 records the words of The Apostle Paul. “Be encouraged, for there shall be NO LOSS of any man’s life among you, only of the ship.”

What boldness, what authority, what confidence! Or what nerve! Was he crazy or was he operating under the power and the Grace of God? How or with what source could he back up his bold statement?

Then in verses 23-24 Paul declared his source, that he had received a vision of an angel of The Lord which had appeared unto him saying, “Fear not Paul, thou must be brought before Caesar and, lo God has given thee ALL THEM that sail with thee.”

Then Paul firmly, boldly and publicly declared, “I BELIEVE GOD that it shall be even as it was told unto me.” But would he be believed? Would his revelation from God be trusted by the others? How reliable was this in their minds?  Whose Report Would You Have Believed?

Can’t you see the devil at work saying, “Well, why doesn’t God just stop the storm? Look things haven’t changed! If God really loved you or cared, He wouldn’t let you be going through all of this. You’re never going to make it out of this! You’re getting what you deserve. You’re all going to die! There’s no way out of this hopeless situation!”

These are just a few of the demonic suggestions that Satan implants into the human mind whenever faith is trying to take a stand and express itself in God.

Fear, doubt and unbelief are the 3 mostly used “tools of distraction” that he uses to affect your thinking and control your actions as he tempts you into depending on your senses to shut out all the areas of faith.

Then in verse 31, Paul observed that the soldiers were planning to jump overboard, so he said to the captain, “Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved!”

Paul stood firmly and boldly upon the revelation and the Word from God. He chose to believe in the power and the grace of the invisible God rather than the events of the storm. And they finally believed and obeyed his words.

NOW PLEASE LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY! The typhoon or hurricane was still very real. The waves of the raging sea which were still coming into the ship were still very real. The food shortage was still very real. The earlier talk of mutiny and murder had been very real. The threat of the ship sinking with everybody on board and drowning in the sea was still very real. Not being able to distinguish night from day for over 14 days was very, very real. The quicksand and the rocks were still a very real threat. The violent blowing wind and the strong rains had not ceased. In other words, the complete physical or outer circumstances DID NOT CHANGE!

But something different was now taking place. They were all depending on, trusting in and believing the words spoken by The Apostle Paul from God. And through faith, they were emerging from the very face of destruction and was about to learn one of the most important lessons in life, THAT THE STORMS OF LIFE DO NOT MOVE THE HAND OF GOD…. “ONLY FAITH DOES!”

God, through His Word, by His Spirit, out of His Grace and by His Direction was “now making the difference.”   For God, who is More Real, Jesus Christ, who is More Real, and The Holy Spirit, who is More Real than the crisis entered into Paul’s circumstances and began to orchestrate everything simply because Paul chose to stand and focus on God’s Word regardless of what he was facing.

One man’s faith in God brought deliverance to everyone on board. One man’s faith led to all 276 souls being saved from destruction and death. All because they chose to listen and obey the instructions and stayed on board until Paul gave the signal to leave the sinking ship.

After the ship was finally driven upon the rocks of a nearby island, they all cast themselves overboard following the instructions of The Apostle Paul, WHO WAS STILL A PRISONER.   As they cast themselves into the sea, they even assisted one another, crew members, soldiers and prisoners. They all safely made it to the shore. And just as God’s Word had earlier been revealed and spoken to Paul, “Not one soul was lost!”

NOW WHAT SHOULD THIS MEAN TO YOU TODAY? It means that your answers to prayer, your deliverance, your healing, your blessings, or your victories are NOT based upon the appearance of the physical or the natural circumstances or on them being immediately changed!  Therefore, STAY ON BOARD IN FAITH!

Does God Always Keep His Word? “YES HE DOES!” Faith in Christ will always make the difference in our lives. God may not always promise you “a calm passage,” but He Does Always Promise You “A Safe Landing.”

When your marriage experiences bumps in the road, STAY ON BOARD! When your financial picture doesn’t look so good, STAY ON BOARD! When your body is experiencing sickness and pain, STAY ONBOARD! When you’re facing opposition and you’re not sure just what to do, STAY ON BOARD!   Stand on God’s Word in faith. Stand in faith looking to Jesus Christ and trust in Him.

Now, I can’t help but wonder what impact this entire event made upon the remaining years of the lives of the rest of all those men. But, I do believe that after this they all had a totally different concept and appreciation of God. Stop and think what can be done when you stand up and step forward trusting The Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember that as you stand facing your challenges and struggles, you too will see that GOD’S MORE REAL AND MUCH GREATER THAN ANYTHING YOU COULD EVER EXPERIEINCE. Everything’s subject to the Word of God and the moving of The Holy Spirit of God.

AGAIN, LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY! Often God’s Divine Intervention is not one singular movement or act. IT’S AN UNFOLDING!   It’s a revealing of one piece of the puzzle at a time. And it’s always to be continued, with the next puzzle piece or the unfolding of the next page of the map yet to be revealed. BUT YOU MUST STAY IN FAITH TO GET THERE!

God’s Divine Intervention! How amazing, how loving, how powerful, how glorious and how wonderful Jesus Christ really is to us that believe on Him.

Spiritual revelations and supernatural manifestations from God come into our daily lives to help us as we’re dealing with all the different events we’re facing. Certain challenges and situations that cannot be successfully dealt with or overcome by any normal means or methods CAN BE HANDLED BY THE LORD.

God Always Responds To Faith In The Heart Of A Believer…




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Daily Devotional – “How Can I Learn To Trust God When My World Is Being Turned Upside Down?”

learn to trust God

Psalms 46: 1-2 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth be changed, and though the mountains slip into the midst of the sea.”

Then in Psalms 46:10 God says, “Be still and know that I AM God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

These passages of scripture should be able to give you unshakable confidence in knowing that God will always protect and provide for His children. But the secret in learning to trust God to be your “refuge, strength and help” only comes from learning how to “BE STILL” before The Lord.

The only reason that you’re troubled is because of you trying to figure it all out. Once you stop trying to orchestrate or manipulate the outcome of things, cease from striving for your own solution, and stop blaming others for past mistakes or failures, you can then learn how to “BE STILL” before Him, hear from The Holy Spirit and yield to God’s plan.

Now, as painful or difficult as some situations may seem, God’s now calling you to “BE STILL” and stand in faith before His Presence.

“Well, how do you do this when I’m having a financial crisis, or have suffered the loss of a loved one, or have just experience a job layoff, or a son is arrested for drug possession or my unwed daughter runs away because she’s pregnant?   How can I be still when my husband’s having an affair, or my wife files for divorce, or my dreams have been shattered and I’m even disillusioned with God because my prayers have not been answered?”

BEING STILL before the Lord doesn’t mean that you become physically inactive. It means you “becoming open to The Lord” in order to hear His Voice and be led by His Spirit. It means you becoming more attentive and ready to obey and follow His directions and His Word. “How can you hear from God when your mind is filled with confusion and just running wild?” There are certain things God now wants to reveal to your heart and mind but you can’t hear or receive from Him while you’re always on the run and driven by panic and fear.

In Exodus 14:13-14,And we all know the great miracle that took place on that day.when the Israelites saw Pharaoh and his army coming to destroy them on the shores of the Red Sea, under heart-wrenching circumstances, Moses said “Fear not, STAND STILL and see the salvation of the Lord which He will show to you today.   For the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you shall see them again no more forever. For The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.”

It takes courage and faith for you to surrender and become still. But, it’s a matter of choice. Either you’ll choose to worry and remain frustrated or you’ll choose to “BE STILL” before The Lord.

The devil wants you distracted, disturbed, disillusioned and then defeated. But Christ is now calling you to get alone with Him. You can learn to steal away from everything around you and know that your life and your welfare are now at stake. So begin by establishing some time away from the TV and other activities and get before God in His Word.   Learn that if you seek His face, you’ll get His hand moving in your midst.

Despite having worked a full time job, I was totally refreshed and amazed after arising earlier just to spend some quality time with Christ before beginning my day.   And it clearly made the difference in my life and circumstances.

Christ will reveal Himself to you as your savior, deliverer, helper, healer, provider and whatever else you need.   No matter what you’re facing or going through, God is available, willing, sufficient, all loving and all powerful, full of mercy and wonderful grace.

He is “your place to run to” when your world turns upside down and is filled with chaos. He is “your rest and your strength” when you feel you can’t go on any further. He is “your energy and strength” when you’re too exhausted to continue and fight.




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